2023 Keynote, Herb Sutter: Cooperative C++ Evolution – Toward a Typescript for C++

We’ve previously announced keynotes by Bjarne Stroustrup on C++ Safety, Andrei Alexandrescu on AI and C++, Bret Brown and Bill Hoffman on Dependency Management, and Laura Savino on Other People’s Code.

We’re now pleased to announce the final of our five conference keynotes: Herb Sutter will be delivering a talk on the evolution of C++ that continues from his popular 2022 keynote “Can C++ be 10x simpler and safer?” last year.

From his talk description:

Cooperative C++ Evolution – Toward a Typescript for C++

C++23 is done. But C++ is not! In this talk I’ll give my personal perspectives on:

  • C++’s ongoing and very active evolution;
  • The latest progress updates on my cppfront experimental compiler, and what I’ve learned about modern ISO C++20 and C++23 in the experiment;
  • Why compatibility (and what kind, and how much) is essential; and
  • Why we should aim to keep bringing C++ forward successfully by cooperating and being part of C++’s ongoing true evolution via WG 21, even though that’s more work than pursuing a new fresh-but-competing evolutionary path.

Registration is now open so don’t miss out on CppCon 2023 this October 2-6. Register today!