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Who are we?

Bloomberg is building the world’s most trusted information network for financial professionals. Our core product, the Bloomberg Terminal, is an independent and unbiased source of information for our clients – everyone from C-Suite executives, traders, analysts, and government officials to business heavyweights and news professionals around the globe.

Our diverse group of more than 6,000 software engineers (and growing) is dedicated to advancing and building new systems and solutions in order to solve complex, real-world problems that are unique to the financial markets. No other company processes the breadth and depth of financial data into meaningful and actionable information as well, or as quickly, as we do. Every day, our developers and data scientists collaborate to roll out enhancements to our software, new solutions, and products which integrate immediately and seamlessly into our clients’ workflows.

Our technology expertise is changing the world and having a positive impact in the communities in which we work and live. Many of Bloomberg’s engineers are active members of the open source community, contributing to and implementing open source projects in our products. And nearly all of our profits go directly to Bloomberg Philanthropies to support lasting change in the environment, government innovation, education, arts, and public health.

C++ at Bloomberg

With more than 6,000 engineers building thousands of applications, C++ is core to how we work. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of C++: from building low-level libraries and contributing to C++ standards, to building some of the most performant financial applications and trading systems in the world.

Bloomberg is heavily involved in the C++ Standards Committee (WG21). We are the primary authors of several upcoming C++ features both large and small. The recently published Reflection TS enables developers to inspect classes and functions at compile-time, greatly expanding the power of C++. Pattern matching, projected for 2020, will enable concise code and straightforward usage of std::variant. Contracts, also projected for 2020, are a powerful alternative to assert calls supporting Design-by-Contract paradigms. We’ll continue our support of these efforts, thereby keeping C++ the go-to language for software engineers everywhere.

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