The Regular registration fee is $995. Regular registration ends September 11th, after which the late registration fee of $1195 applies.

Student Registration is $145. Student registration covers all conference events including special student activities.

Class tuition for any of our six classes is $795. The classes are September 17th and 18th from 9 am to 5 pm and include lunch.

Single day registration of $345 and two day registration of $695 are available for any days Monday through Thursday and include Sunday’s reception as well as all the events in the evening and on Friday.

Registration for the SG14 meeting on Wednesday, September 21st is $25. This is available separately and is not included in any other registration.

A limited set of funds have been allocated to support reduced registration fees for academics and/or employees of non-profit institutions. To apply, please contact the CppCon Registrar.

We do not offer a discount for group registrations. For information on our refund policy, see our registration refund policy. For a chronological view of all the key dates, refer to the CppCon Timeline.

Contact the CppCon Registrar with any questions.

Register for CppCon 2016