Conference Features by Registration Type

Feature Not registered Student Regular* Full** One-Day,


Open Content Sessions (08:00, Noon, Evening) X X X X X X
Evening Sessions (Grill the Committee, Lightning Talks, Tool Time) X X X X X X
Friday content X X X X X X
Registration Reception X X X X
Main Program (Mon – Thur) X X X ††
Poster Competition Voting X X X X
SG-14 Meeting X
Special Student Content X X X X X X
Student Program (social)†††   X        
Banquet: Meet the Speakers†††† X
#include<C++> Dinner††††  
Shirts, Souvenir†††† X


* Early Bird Registration and Late Registration features are the same as Regular Registration features.

** Early Bird Full Registration features are the same as Full Conference Registration features. (There is no Late Full Registration.)

We invite the general public to join us for Open Content sessions at 08:00 and over our lunch break, all evening sessions (excluding the Banquet), and all day Friday. Special Student Content is scheduled during Open Content times and is open to all.

†† One-Day and Two-Day registrations are available to attend Main Program sessions for every day or combination of days except Friday, which is open to all.

††† Full time students that are registered for the conference, but not as Student Registrations (eg., Volunteers and Speakers) are invited to participate in the Student Program social activities (the dinner).

†††† Meet the Speaker Banquet admission, #include<C++> Dinner admission, shirts, and souvenirs are available separately, either by registration (banquet, dinner, shirts) or at the conference (shirts, souvenirs).

Registration Deadlines and Fees

Registration Deadline Fee
Early Bird Registration On or before July 1st $950
Early Bird Full Registration $1150
Regular Registration On or before September 6th $1200
Full Conference Registration On or before August 16th $1400
Late Registration After September 6th $1500
One-Day none $425
Two-Day $855
Student * none, but may sell out  $150
SG14 Meeting ** $25

* For additional information on the Student Program, please contact the Student Program Chair.

** Registration for the SG14 meeting on Wednesday, September 18th is available separately and is not included in any other registration.

Academic / non-profit support

A limited set of funds have been allocated to support reduced registration fees for academics and/or employees of non-profit institutions. To apply, please contact the CppCon Registrar.


We are offering both pre- and post-conference classes.

Class type Days Tuition Dates Location
Pre-conference one $500 Sept. 15 Gaylord Rockies
Pre-conference two $1000 Sept. 14-15 Gaylord Rockies
Post-conference one $500 Sept. 21 Gaylord Rockies
Post-conference two $1000 Sept. 21-22 Gaylord Rockies

All classes are from 9 am to 5 pm and include lunch.

Other registration options

Other items are also available at registration.

Item Description Cost
Field Trip Casa Bonita/Hyperspace Arcade $75
Speakers Banquet Socialize with the program’s presenters $125
#include<C++> Celebration Dinner $75 or $110
Shirts Wear your CppCon pride $25 – $40

The #include<C++> Dinner full cost is $110, but is also available for $75 with a subsidy from the C++ Standard Foundation.

Shirts ordered through Eventbrite are delivered at registration and available when registering for another (paid) item.

International support

If you live outside the United States, we can help with your visa application to attend CppCon.

Invoiced Registrations

Registrations that require invoicing are only available through August 16, 2019. All invoices must be paid in full within 15 days of the invoice date. Your registration spot(s) will be released for other attendees if payments are late. Invoiced registrations are non-refundable. Please contact the conference organizers at for more information.


Full refunds, less a $45 processing fee, can be issued up to August 9th, 2019. Invoiced registrations are non-refundable in any event.

Attendee Substitutions

You may substitute a different attendee for your existing registration at any time before the start of the conference by emailing

For a chronological view of all the key dates, refer to the CppCon Timeline.

We do not offer a discount for group registrations.

Contact the CppCon Registrar with any questions.

To Register for CppCon 2019, click this link or press the green “Register” button below.