Conference Registration

To Register for CppCon 2022, click this link.

CppCon 2022 will build on the success of CppCon 2021 and be held as a hybrid conference.

Onsite-only attendees will be able to attend onsite sessions as well as all the usual onsite activities.

Online attendees will be able to attend online sessions and some onsite sessions live and some onsite sessions on a delayed basis. These delay-broadcasted sessions will feature the presenters in live chat during the delay-broadcasted presentation.

Full conference attendees will have access to all online and onsite activities.

The conference has updated its Covid Safety Policy for CppCon 2022 to be less restrictive. Please review the Covid Safety Policy before registering for onsite attendance.

For individuals whose organization requires it, a certificate of completion is available for CppCon registration and CppCon Academy classes. To request a certificate contact the CppCon Registrar.

Registration Options

On-Demand Session Access

We are announcing On-Demand Session Access to rough-cut recordings of Main Program and Lightning Talk sessions for both attendees and non-attendees!

This is included with many (but not all) conference registration options. Read the details here.

Field Trip: Meow Wolf Convergence Station:

Take an adventure out of this world to the new Meow Wolf art experience in Denver on the CppCon 2022 field trip! The field trip will be held on Sunday, the 11th and is an excellent way to get acquainted with fellow attendees and get a unique taste of the Denver experience.

Conference “Meet the Presenters” Banquet:

Join this year’s presenters (of classes, posters, and sessions) for a banquet on the evening of September 15th. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to dine with conference presenters at an informal, yet lavish setting. The food and ambiance will be almost as special as the conversation. This is an add-on for conference registrations that don’t include it.

Conference Diversity Dinner:

This year, CppCon’s Diversity Dinner, which will be held on Wednesday, September 14th, will be expanded to include a workshop to discuss processes, experiences, and paths forward for improving diversity and inclusion in the C++ community. Registered attendees will be encouraged to submit 10-20 minute talks on these topics through a separate submission process.

Online Economy Conference Registration:

Online attendees will have access to all online-only sessions as well as some onsite main program sessions (including all plenary sessions) that will be live-streamed with both online and onsite Q&A. Other onsite main program sessions will be recorded and rebroadcasted with the presenter live chatting and doing online Q&A.

Online attendees will also have access to our Discord server for engaging with other attendees and our virtual venue. This is a fun way to engage with other attendees including presenters and exhibitors. It will have puzzles, games, and amusements in addition to opportunities to create ad hoc video conferencing sessions with other attendees in an online “hallway track.”

On-Demand Session Access is not included.

Online Conference Registration:

Online Conference attendees includes all the features of Online Economy with the addition of On-Demand Session Access.

Onsite-only Economy Conference Registration:

Onsite-only Economy attendees do not have access to online sessions or the virtual venue, but do have access to all the events and features that take place onsite. (Field trips, classes, On-Demand Access, and dinners, are not included, but are available as add-ons.).

These events and features include:

    • Onsite program, which includes
      • Daily keynote/plenary sessions
      • Main program sessions
      • Lightning Talks
      • Panels
      • Poster competition
      • Tool time (labs)
      • Open Content sessions (Birds of a Feather, etc)
    • Exhibitor hall
    • CppCache (onsite conference store)
    • Tattered Cover (onsite bookstore)
    • Author signings
    • Quiet Rooms
    • Complimentary Child Care
    • Piano
    • Snacks and drinks
    • Resort facilities (Starbucks, spa, etc)

Economy Conference Registration:

Economy attendees have all the features of both Online Economy and Onsite-only Economy registrations. (Field trips, classes, On-Demand Access, and dinners, are not included, but are available as add-ons.)

Onsite-only Conference Registration:

In addition to the features of the Onsite-only Economy registration listed above, Onsite-only also includes the Conference “Meet the Presenters” Banquet, a tee shirt, and a souvenir. (Field trips, classes, On-Demand Access, and Diversity Dinner, are not included, but are available as add-ons.)

Full Conference Registration:

Full Conference registration includes all of the features of the above conference registrations. (Field trips, classes, and Diversity Dinner, are not included, but are available as add-ons.)

Student Conference Registrations:

Student registration is available to attendees that are full-time students either at the time that they register or at the time of the conference. All full-time students registered for the conference are invited to the CppCon Student Program which includes the Student Dinner, sessions targeted at students and developers early in their careers. For additional information on the Student Program, please contact the Student Program Chair.

Student Online Conference Registrations have all the benefits of Online Conference Registrations, Student Economy Registrations have all the benefits of Economy Conference Registrations, and  Student Full Registrations have all the benefits of Full Conference Registrations.

CppCon Academy Tuition:

CppCon Academy offers four-day or two-day classes onsite and two-day or three-day classes online by the some of the world’s best C++ instructors on the weekends immediately before and after the conference. Details are on the CppCon Academy 2022 page.

Large Organization Online Packages

Starting in 2022, for large organizations, we are offering highly discounted packages for Online Registration.

Package NameAttendeesPackage PriceRegular Value


For details, including pricing for larger packages, please contact the CppCon Registrar.

We do not offer a discount for group onsite registrations.

Upgrades / Downgrades / Refunds

You may upgrade / downgrade at any time before the conference at no penalty. For example, if you register Online and then discover that you can attend in person, you can update to Full Conference for the difference in registration rates as of when you registered. If you register for Onsite and discover that you cannot attend, you can convert to Online (refunding the difference) or request a complete refund.

Registration Deadlines and Fees

On-Demand Session Access$150
Meow Wolf Field TripTBD$125
Full ConferenceUntil August 31st$2175
Onsite-onlyUntil August 31st$1875
EconomyUntil August 31st$1750
LateAfter August 31st$2100
Onsite-only EconomyUntil August 31st$1600
LateAfter August 31st$1900
OnlineUntil September 10th$300
LateAfter September 10th$350
Online EconomyUntil September 10th$150
LateAfter September 10th$200
Student FullUntil August 31st$450
Student Economynone, but may sell out $175
Student Onlinenone $50
BanquetUntil August 31st$175
Academy TuitionOnline pre-conf. September 6th

Onsite pre-conf. September 8th

Onsite post-conf. September 15th

Online post-conf. September 15th

$600/day onsite

$400/day (6 hours) or $600/day (8 hours) online

Academic / non-profit support

A limited set of funds have been allocated to support reduced registration fees for academics and/or employees of non-profit institutions. To apply, please contact the CppCon Registrar.

Visa Support

Attendees traveling from outside the US may request visa application support.

Invoiced Registrations

Registrations that require invoicing are only available through August 31, 2022. All invoices must be paid in full within 15 days of the invoice date or by the start of the conference, whichever is earlier. Your registration spot(s) will be deleted if payment hasn’t been received within the 15 days or start of the conference.

Please contact the conference organizers at for more information.


Full refunds can be issued until eight days before the conference starts (September 3rd).

Attendee Substitutions

You may substitute a different attendee for your existing registration at any time before the start of the conference by emailing

For a chronological view of all the key dates, refer to the CppCon Timeline.

Contact the CppCon Registrar with any questions.

To Register for CppCon 2022, click this link.