CppCon is the largest annual gathering for the entire C++ community. The conference is organized by the C++ community and will attract a diverse group of attendees that are using C++ on a wide range of platforms/toolchains. Exhibiting at CppCon is an opportunity to engage and interact with C++ developers when they are not distracted by work issues and are focusing on new ideas about how to do their jobs better.



Conference Profile

Anticipated Attendance: 1400-1600
Audience Profile: Developers, technologists, programmers and hackers; bloggers and authors; CTOs; scientists, engineers, domain experts, and C++ Standards Committee members.

Conference Schedule

Saturday and Sunday, pre-conference classes
Sunday, registration and reception
Monday – Friday, main program sessions
Monday – Friday, booth exhibiting days
Monday – Tuesday, table exhibitor days Set A
Wednesday – Thursday, table exhibitor days Set B
Friday, table exhibitor day Set C
Wednesday, ISO SG14 meeting
Saturday and Sunday, post-conference classes

Qualifying Exhibitors

CppCon is a conference for professional C++ developers and we only accept exhibitors that are interested in engaging with attendees in that role. (Please no vacation timeshare offers.)

Exhibitors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for a conference of professionals. Please be considerate with regard to noise and good taste and be mindful of the conference’s code of conduct.


CppCon offers two levels of exhibiting. Our traditional table option is back, but, in addition, this year we are introducing the option of having a booth.


A CppCon booth exhibitor is given space for a 10′ x 10′ booth. While booth space remains available, exhibitors can select any combination of days they wish.

For booth exhibitors, we grant up to five conference passes that are good the days that the booth space is reserved. Please contact us if you feel you need more passes. Note that for booth exhibitors that are also “metal” level sponsors and exhibiting at least two days, these five passes (but no more) can be converted to week long conferences passes on request.


A CppCon table exhibitor is given a (6′ x 30″ or 8′ x 30″) table in a high traffic area used by attendees during breaks. We have three sets of exhibitor days for tables. The A set is Monday and Tuesday, the B set is Wednesday and Thursday, and the C set is Friday. As long as space is available, exhibitors can select the set or sets of days they wish.

For table exhibitors, we grant up to three conferences passes that are good for the days the table space is reserved. Please contact us if you feel you need more passes. Note that for table exhibitors that are also “metal” level sponsors, these three passes (but no more) can be converted to week long conferences passes on request.


Both booths and tables have access to power and wifi. If you have high bandwidth needs, please let us know three weeks before the conference begins.

You will be able to put up banners, posters, or flyers near your table and you’ll have access to the conference’s literature table.

If you are interested in conducting a session, contact us about scheduling an Open Content session and for information about having it recorded.


Our attendance is must stronger Monday through Thursday than it is on Friday. So we set our rates to reflect this.

Type Days Rate
Booth Monday – Thursday (any combination) $2000 per day
Friday $1000
Table Sets A & B $3000 per set of two days
Set C $750 for Friday


Contact us about non-profit rates.


Please contact exhibitor@cppcon.org for details on exhibiting and with your ideas and questions.


Some additional details are available on the Exhibitor/Sponsor Details page.


Exhibiting and sponsorships are separate at CppCon. A company may choose to do one and not the other or both. As noted above, exhibitors that are also sponsors, may request exhibitor pass upgrades.

If you are interested in information about sponsoring CppCon, please read the Sponsorship Prospectus and/or contact sponsorship@cppcon.org for details.