Embedded Track

Every year, CppCon strives to be a fun, engaging, and rewarding experience for the entire C++ community. With C++ playing an important role in machine learning, wearable devices, and IoT, embedded systems developers are a large and growing part of that community. More than ever before, knowing how to develop high-quality software for embedded systems is a valuable skill for programmers in general and C++ programmers in particular.

CppCon’s Embedded Track is a welcoming environment where embedded programmers can come together with the wider C++ community to share ideas and learn from each other. If you’re an experienced embedded developer, you can be sure to find many others who understand the unique concerns and challenges of embedded systems, either on the conference floor or in the CppCon Slack channel. If you’re not yet familiar with embedded programming but are interested in learning, you’ll find lots of people there who can help you take the first steps.

Join leading experts in C++ and embedded systems development to discuss fascinating new technologies and learn how to use C++ to its full potential in embedded systems! And since CppCon 2021 is a hybrid conference, this year is your special opportunity to attend and give presentations even if traveling to Aurora isn’t an option for you.

Please contact the Embedded Track Chair, Ben Saks, if you have any questions or suggestions.