Embedded Track

Every year, CppCon strives to be a fun, engaging, and rewarding experience for the entire C++ community. Embedded systems developers are a large and growing part of that community. Moreover, with portable devices growing ever more common, more powerful, and more integrated with other systems, it’s becoming harder to draw a line between traditional applications and embedded systems. More than ever before, understanding how to program for both traditional and embedded applications can help programmers of all stripes improve.

CppCon’s Embedded Track provides a welcoming environment where embedded programmers can come together with the wider C++ community to share ideas and explore new possibilities. Whether you’re an experienced developer or a relative newcomer, you’ll find lots of people at CppCon who can help you take your embedded skills to the next level. Meanwhile, experienced embedded developers will find a wealth of C++ experts who can help you apply advanced C++ techniques toward solving the unique challenges of embedded systems.

Join leading experts in C++ and embedded systems development to discuss fascinating new technologies and learn how to use C++ to its full potential in embedded systems! If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you’d like to discuss ideas for presentations, please contact the Embedded Track Chair, Ben Saks.