The Volunteer Program

Our Volunteer Program is a great opportunity to participate in CppCon, allowing you to attend sessions and meet speakers and attendees, without the cost of registering or the need to attend all five days.

We need people to help with the many light duties necessary to run the conference. Some of these include:

  • Assembling registration packets and badges
  • Registering speakers and attendees
  • Assisting speakers with AV
  • Making general announcements at the beginning of sessions
  • Holding up information cards for speakers
  • Working the information desk

as well as generally being on hand to do whatever is needed to keep the conference running smoothly.

Some tasks are done in sessions and some are not, but we’ll see to it that you can spend at least half your volunteering time in sessions.

It is best if you can attend several days, but even if you can only attend a single day we can work with that. It is particularly valuable if you can attend on Saturday and Sunday before the conference for volunteer training and to help with registration.

Volunteers from abroad, please be aware of our Visa Application Support page.

If you want more information about volunteering, contact me at volunteers@cppcon.org.

If you are interested in volunteering please complete the CppCon 2018 Volunteer Application Form.

The Volunteer Grant Program

If travel and/or lodging costs prevent you from attending CppCon, consider applying for a Volunteer Grant. Starting in 2018, the conference has funds for a limited number of grants to help cover travel and lodging costs of volunteers.

Some FAQs about the Volunteer Grant Program

  • Who can apply?
    • Anyone that is willing to volunteer for five or more days.
  • What is covered?
    • Lodging and travel
    • Travel will be “coach” class
    • Meals and parking are not covered
  • What criteria are used to award grants?
    •  We are looking for C++ community leaders. You can show leadership in many ways:
      • Developing or helping to develop or maintain an Open Source C++ project
      • Having a blog, video channel, or podcast on C++
      • Answering questions on Stack Overflow or similar forums
      • Reviewing C++ libraries for Boost, Boost Incubator, C++ Reviews, or others
      • Working on a C++ community project such as the C++ Video Access Project or CppReference
      • Attending, speaking at, and/or organizing a C++ community event such as a local user group, conference, or other activity
  • When is the deadline for applications?
    • 2018-07-03
  • When will award winners be notified?
    • 2018-07-23
  • What is required to apply?
    • Complete the CppCon 2018 Volunteer Application Form, specifying that you want to apply for a grant.
      • You’ll need to answer some questions about your C++ background and activity
      • You’ll need to upload a PDF of your C++ related work and/or school projects
      • You’ll need to upload a PDF of a personal statement about why you should be selected as a Volunteer Grant Recipient.

Brett Searles
Volunteer Coordinator