Our Volunteer Program is a great opportunity to participate in CppCon, allowing you to attend sessions and meet speakers and attendees, without the cost of registering or the need to attend all five days.

We need people to help with the many light duties necessary to run the conference. Some of these include:

  • Assembling registration packets and badges
  • Registering speakers and attendees
  • Assisting speakers with AV
  • Making general announcements at the beginning of sessions
  • Holding up information cards for speakers
  • Working the information desk

as well as generally being on hand to do whatever is needed to keep the conference running smoothly.

Some tasks are done in sessions and some are not, but we’ll see to it that you can spend at least half your volunteering time in sessions.

It is best if you can attend several days, but even if you can only attend a single day we can work with that. It is particularly valuable if you can attend on Saturday and Sunday before the conference for volunteer training and to help with registration.

If you are interested in volunteering or want more information about volunteering, contact me at volunteers@cppcon.org.

Brett Searles
Volunteer Coordinator