Open Content Submissions

Open Content session submissions are cancelled for CppCon 2020.

Thanks for your interest in presenting at CppCon. In addition to the regular program, we have two other ways to present: Lightning Talks and Open Content Sessions. These opportunities are open to anyone in the C++ community, even if you have are not registered at the conference.

Open Content Sessions

Stephanie Hurlburt and Rich GeldreichOpen Content Sessions can be 45, 60, or 90 minutes. They are not recorded, but they do appear in the conference program, just like our regular sessions. These talks are non-prime time, but can be on any subject you’d like to discuss (subject to approval by the conference). You can present a lecture, a demo, a workshop, or host a panel or “birds of a feather.”

We have up to 45 minute talks at 8:00 AM on Tuesday through Friday, up to 60 minute talks over lunch Monday through Friday, and up to 90 minutes talks Monday through Thursday evening. You can read the latest Call for Open Content.

You can submit your Open Content session with this form.

If you are going to be presenting, please review our information for CppCon presenters and subscribe to the Open Content Speakers mailing list.

If you have questions about Open Content sessions, please send mail to Open Content Enquiries.