Thanks / 2018 Dates / 2017 Trip Reports

Save the date for the week of September 23th next year in Bellevue, Washington. Building on the success of this year’s pre and post-conference classes, we will be offering classes on September 22nd-23rd and 29th-30th. The CppCon 2018 Registration Reception will be on the 23rd and sessions will be the 24th though the 28th.

In the meantime, look for slides and source code for your favorite CppCon 2017 sessions at our presentation material repository.

You can find the posters that were entered in the CppCon 2017 Poster Competition in the poster repository.

You can also watch CppCon 2017 session videos on YouTube and Channel 9. Some of them are already available on the CppCon YouTube channel in the CppCon 2017 playlist.

I want to say thanks very much to all the hundreds of people that made CppCon 2017 possible and, in particular, I want to thank those that have published trip reports:

A Beginner’s Guide to CPPCon 2017 by Eva Bunny Conti

CppCon 2017 Trip Report by Charles L. Wilcox

CppCon 2017 Trip Report by Ben Deane

CppCon 2017 by Oliver Smith

CppCon 2017 Trip Report by Matt Godbolt

CppCon 2017 trip report by Viktor Kirilov

CppCon 2017 Trip Report by Isabella Muerte

My CppCon 2017 Trip Report – 10 great talks to watch and learn from by Quentin Duval

A CppCon 2017 trip report by Jens Weller

CppCon 2017 For Fun and Profit by Tim van Deurzen

Trip report: the JetBrains C++ team at CppCon 2017 by Anastasia Kazakova

Trip Report: CppCon 2017 by Chloe Jandsten

CppCon 2017 trip report by Mathieu Ropert

CppCon’17 Trip Report by Pan Deng

CppCon 2017: trip report by Giuseppe D’Angelo

CppCon 2017 Trip Report by Gordon Brown

And day-by-day dispatches from Sergey ‘No Bugs’ Hare Ignatchenko:

#CPPCON2017 Day 0: IMO best posters

#CPPCON2017. Day 1. Hope to get something-better-than-chevron-hell

#CPPCON2017. Day 2. Why Local Allocators are a Good Thing(tm) Performance-Wise, and Why I am Very Cautious about C++17 STL parallelized algos

#CPPCON2017. Day 3. The Future of C++

#CPPCON2017. Day 4. Async Rulezzz!

If you know of any trip reports I’ve missed, please let me know.

look forward to seeing you in Bellevue next September.