CppCon 2022 Diversity & Attendance Support Ticket program

Again this year, CppCon is running a Diversity & Attendance Support Ticket program. These free tickets are for people who would not be able to attend otherwise. This is an open program, but reasons to apply may include financial assistance, that you are part of an underrepresented group in tech, and others.

In order to apply for this program, please fill in the application form here. The application deadline is August 21, 2022. 10 on-site and 20 on-line support tickets will be selected from all applications. Decisions will be sent by August 28.

We look forward to seeing many of you on-site and on-line again this year at CppCon 2022!

CppCon YouTube Channel 100K Milestone

Presented to CppCon For passing 100,000 subscribersYouTube recently recognized the CppCon YouTube channel for reaching the one hundred thousand subscriber milestone with a plaque commemorating that achievement.

The CppCon YouTube channel currently has over 1250 videos of the top C++ presenters on the topics of most interest to C++ developers.

The channel has over 115K subscribers, over 20 million views, and over four million hours of watched content in its lifetime. It is currently getting over nine thousand views a day.

Channel subscribers can be notified of new postings and see conference announcements of opportunities and deadlines. You can subscribe on the CppCon YouTube channel.

Register for CppCon 2022 to see sessions live.

Meow Wolf Field Trip Announced

The CppCon 2022 Field Trip will be an adventure into four alien worlds, joined together in a rare cosmic event, Meow Wolf‘s  Convergence Station.

Meow Wolf is a Santa Fe based arts and entertainment company that creates large-scale interactive and immersive art installations and we are going to their very popular new Denver installation, Convergence Station.

This adventure is not just a sensory overload, but an amazingly interactive experience.

After our journey, we will stop by Denver’s iconic Little Man Ice Cream in the LoHi district to cool off and enjoy some excellent ice cream.

Started in 2008 in a milk can shaped building, it has been serving ice cream in the Lower Highlands neighborhood.

Known for fine crafted favorites and unique flavors, it has taken the city by storm, opening several satellite locations.


Spend a fun-filled Sunday on September 11th with fellow attendees as explore these alien worlds and enjoy a Denver culinary tradition.

If you are arriving for CppCon 2022 by Sunday morning, this is your opportunity to get to know some of your fellow attendees while experiencing a uniquely Denver experience.

See the CppCon 2022 Field Trip page for details.

Register here!

North Denver Metro C++ MeetupThis year’s field trip is sponsored by the North Denver Metro C++ Meetup.




Erik Rainey live in person at CppCon 2022

Erik Rainey will be in Aurora, live in person to deliver a keynote address on C++ in embedded firmware.

Erik is a Senior Software Engineer at Amazon working in the Prime Air on low-level/embedded firmware written in C++ for drones. He’s also been a contributor to Khronos’s OpenVX 1.0 specification.

In his talk he’ll show some video of delivery drones in flight and discuss what it takes to make drones fly with C++. (See the video below.)

Here is his talk description:

Using C++14 in an Embedded “SuperLoop” Firmware

Erik RaineyThis presentation covers what the execution environment of an embedded “superloop” firmware is in order to describe later why certain C++14 language and library features are used and others are not. This environment lacks many basic features and capabilities that traditional C++ programmers may think are common place but is able to be programmed in C++14 (and later) with a specific design paradigms and guidelines. Programmers with deeply embedded C experience will be familiar with some of the limitations of the environment but may find the C++ solutions quite refreshing! The talk will conclude with some comments on C++17 / C++20 features which will be quite valuable to embedded environments of all types.

Registration is now open so don’t miss out on CppCon 2022 this September 11-16. Register today! Tickets are now available for both online attendees and in-person attendees.

Daniela Engert live in person at CppCon 2022

Daniela Engert will be in Aurora, live in person to deliver a keynote that takes us on a journey through modern C++.

Daniela has been building computers and creating software for over forty years, with thirty years in the field of applied digital signal processing. Her recent focus has been on modules and helping developers best understand them and their application in C++20. Here is her talk description:

Contemporary C++ in Action

This talk is different from typical conference presentations. Instead of focussing on one particular topic I want to take you with me on a journey where I put various pieces from the C++ landscape together into a small application and show how they fit together beautifully. My goal is to debunk the myth that the committee is looking to please experts and library developers instead of making life easier for the many developers in the trenches. This is not slideware, at the end of our tour the code will compile and run with some entertaining result.

On this journey, I will be visiting modules (using modularized popular libraries and others that constitute the app), do some network programming with coroutines (based on ASIO executors, as there are no C++ standard executors yet), slip in one or two of the flagship C++23 features, like explicit object parameters or some of the new library stuff, and season the stew with items from recent C++ standards. It’s a tiny application using techniques that an average programmer in the embedded or industrial world (like me) might find useful. The code I’ll show also contains very tiny fragments of condensed or simplified sources in active development taken from our in-house codebase – old and trusted, but thrust into the modern age.

Registration is now open so don’t miss out on CppCon 2022 this September 11-16. Register today! Tickets are now available for both online attendees and in-person attendees.

Opening 2022 Keynote: Bjarne Stroustrup, live in person

Meeting in personCppCon 2022 will kick off on Monday, September 12 with Bjarne Stroustrup delivering the traditional opening keynote live in person in Aurora.

Bjarne’s annual opening keynote for CppCon is one of the most anticipated and most watch talks in C++. His talks are always among the most viewed presentations on the CppCon YouTube Channel.

From his talk description:

C++ in Constrained Environments

C++ is widely used in constrained and/or critical applications and infrastructure components. How do we manage to use a large multi-purpose language in such environments? How can we better use facilities and techniques from modern C++ (C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20, and beyond)? The best answer is not “use only facilities available in C and C++ in 1985.”

This talk focuses on a top-down approach to achieve simplicity, maintainability, performance, and various forms of safety. It touches upon the C++ Core Guidelines, compile-time computation, type-and-resource safety, type deduction, the span and chrono standard libraries, and error handling.

Every year, Bjarne Stroustrup gives an important C++ talk in his CppCon opening keynote. Be at CppCon again this year, on-site or on-line, as Bjarne Stroustrup flies us above this complex landscape of issues and shines a spotlight on the most important things to know, and to think about, in C++ in 2022. This year we aim to leave extra extended time for real-time questions and answers with the live audience. Come to the talk, bring your questions, and don’t miss out!

Registration DeskRegistration is now open for both online and in-person attendees so don’t miss out on CppCon 2022 this September 11-16. Register today!





Herb Sutter live in person at CppCon 2022

We’re making our first 2022 plenary talk announcement: Herb Sutter will be in Aurora, live in person to deliver a brand-new talk about post-C++20 C++ language evolution. Here is his talk description:

C++ Complexity: The Subtle Culprits (“Simplifying C++” #9 of N)

“What makes C++ so complex, and what can we do about it?” In past talks, Herb has already done deep dives on most of the major causes of C++’s complexity and potential directions for solutions.

In this brand-new talk, we delve into the “long tail” of subtle culprits… many of which turn out to be related by a common theme.

Herb SutterThere are parts of C++ you know well, and may even think are superficial, but that actually have deep roots where dark problems dwell. When is “mere syntax” a superficial topic for water-cooler personal-preference debating fun, and when might we suddenly discover it is actually a profound and terrible problem? How is C++ name lookup related to grammar… and what does that question even mean, when it should be like asking how a sound is blue or how long a kilometer lives? Why does generic code have to be so different from non-generic code, and can you really count all the ways? Even in our polarized society, can’t “prefix” and “postfix” please just coexist in peace… and if not, which “fix” should be fixed? Why does the spiral rule make everyone so dizzy? And, really, how much of all this is C’s fault, anyway?

Join Herb as he walks us through the Upside Down below 21st-century C++… starting with familiar things you know, showing where maybe they’re not so familiar after all, together confronting a contradiction or paradox, and using that moment of cognitive dissonance as a launch point to dive into a not-so-superficial-after-all part of C++… and what we can do about each issue now and in the future.

Registration DeskWe aim to leave time for real-time questions and answers with the live audience. So come to the talk at CppCon 2022, bring your questions, and don’t miss out!

Registration is now open for what will certainly be one of the most memorable CppCons ever this September 11-16. Register today!

Tickets are now available for both online attendees and in-person attendees.

CppCon 2022 Call for Poster Submissions

Update: The CppCon 2022 Poster Context has been cancelled.

Are you doing something cool with C++? Got a great new library, technique, or tool?

We want you to share it with the C++ community by creating a poster and presenting it at CppCon 2022!

The poster submissions deadline is Friday, July 22nd, with decisions sent by August 1st. For topic ideas, submission instructions, and advice on making the best possible submission, see the 2022 Poster Submissions page.


Announcing CppCon Academy 2022 Classes

class attendeesRegistration is open for almost twenty CppCon Academy classes that will be held in the days before or after CppCon 2022 in September.

Four classes are open to online attendees and the rest will be offered to onsite attendees at the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora.

Read about all the offered classes on the CppCon Academy 2022 page. This year we are offering classes that range from those that are focused on updating you to the latest versions of C++, to those focusing on better code, testing, or design skills. This year we are offering a class on computing in mixed CPU/GPU/FPGA environments, one on embedded programming, and one on performance and efficiency (well, okay, they are all about performance and efficiency ultimately).

class instructor with studentsOnline classes will be held either on the last three business days of the week before the conference, the two weekend days following the conference, or the first three business days of the week after the conference.

Onsite classes are held on the weekend days immediately before and after the conference.

class instructorMost of the classes feature two days (onsite) or three days (online) of class instruction. All classes feature hands-on opportunities to improve your programming skills. There is one four-day onsite class (pre- and post-conference) and one two-day online class (on the weekend after the conference).

CppCon instructors are selected from the best C++ instructors in the world. They feature rare combinations of deep technical knowledge, extensive development experience, and the ability to explain things in an approachable manner.

Reminder: Early Bird Registration ends in mid-July, so register now!