GameDev Track

The game development community is one of the largest users of C++. It faces some tough engineering challenges which only C++ can solve, such as delivering a rendered frame in 16 milliseconds, synchronizing state across the internet for multiplayer games, accommodating the ever-changing brief of the game designer and so on.

The game development conference community is sorely lacking in good engineering content, and CppCon’s GameDev track, new for 2024, aims to fill that gap. We all know that GameDev engineering does things a little differently, and this is the place to share the knowledge that the whole C++ community can benefit from.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Patterns in game development
  • Building engines
  • Build systems
  • Profiling and optimizing
  • Accommodating hardware constraints
  • Interacting with the C++ Standard
  • Debugging interactive programs
  • GPU programming
  • Case studies and post mortems
  • Oh yes, and AI

This is a great opportunity to network with your peers from the international GameDev engineering community. If you have done anything at all interesting, we all want to hear about it.

Please contact the GameDev Track Chair, Guy Davidson, if you have any questions or suggestions.