Bloomberg Coding Contest: Seven Students to Win Trip to CppCon

We’ve partnered with Bloomberg to offer a chance for college students to win a trip to CppCon. Bloomberg is hosting a coding contest on its CodeCon platform for seven weeks this summer. The seven weekly winners each will earn a trip to CppCon.

Read the announcement for details.

CppCon offers an attractive Student Registration rate.

At CppCon, Bloomberg will also be running coding contents that will be open to all attendees.

Best of luck to all contestants!


CppCon 2014 Attendee Video

If you are thinking about attending CppCon 2015, but you are still on the fence because you didn’t attend last year’s conference here are some tips to help you decide.

  • You can check out the program from last year to see what kind of sessions we’ll likely have this year.
  • You can check out last year’s speakers to see the type of speakers who you likely get to meet this year.
  • You can watch last year’s sessions on YouTube or Channel 9.
  • You can watch this video with comments from some of last year’s attendees.