Ensuring a Safe and Welcoming Learning Environment at CppCon

The point of CppCon is to learn and connect with colleagues. We are committed to ensuring that you can participate in an environment that is welcoming and safe. The CppCon Code of Conduct covers the handling of all reports of misconduct at or around a CppCon event. Additionally, we have the following safety policy for cases where we learn of serious misconduct by CppCon participants even in the past and/or outside CppCon.

Priority One: We want all attendees to be safe and to feel safe.

We will impose restrictions in our best effort to eliminate foreseeable risks of physical or psychological harm to attendees. To determine whether to impose restrictions on an individual with past/outside serious misconduct, we will include the following considerations:

  • Would the presence of the individual create a foreseeable safety risk to our attendees? If so, the individual may not participate at CppCon events.
  • Otherwise, would the presence of the individual nevertheless be likely to make other attendees feel unsafe? If so, we may impose lesser restrictions on participation based upon the following considerations:
    • Is the individual in a position of authority over others at CppCon?
    • Does the individual have Code of Conduct violations at CppCon?
    • Are there events at CppCon that could increase a risk of re-offense?
    • Was there a pattern of misconduct with this individual?
    • How recent was/were the offense(s)?

Priority Two: We want to support restorative justice.

If an individual’s participation does not increase safety risk to others at CppCon, we support having that person engage with our community in positive and safe ways. To determine whether to support participation of an individual with past/outside serious misconduct, we will include the following considerations:

  • Has the individual fully served the criminal penalty, including probation?
  • Has the individual established a clean record for a reasonable period of time?
  • Is the individual continuing to fully abide by the CppCon Code of Conduct?
  • More stringent requirements apply to individuals holding a conference organizational/leadership role.

We are committed to providing a safe and productive learning environment at CppCon.