2019 Poster Program

We’re very excited to announce the following twelve entries have been selected for this year’s Poster Session:

Poster Title Author(s)
A Study of Integer Sum Reduction using SYCL Zheming Jin
Using Fixed Precision Adder Class Templates for Better Reproducibility in Parallel Applications Elmar Westphal
Writing a Compiler that Launches Rockets Bill Eggert
From Implicit-Callable Functions to Cached Properties Thomas Applencourt
Nevin Liber
SLX FPGA Matthias Gehre
How Snap uses C++ to build the most used Augmented Reality platform Yurii Monastyrshyn
Fedir Poliakov
Evgenii Zaiakin
Yet Another Fast Log (YAFL) Ran Regev
Meet Beetroot Adam Ryczkowski
Empirical: a C++ library to support efficient, reliable, and accessible scientific software Matthew Andres Moreno
Charles Ofria
FlexIT: A library built on top of flexbuffer(2) Nipun Jindal
Pranay Kumar
Embracing modern C++ in HPC for Brain Scale Simulations Omar Awile
Tristan Carel
Analysis of Template Matching by Comparing C++ Concurrency with CUDA and OpenCV Aditya Immaneni
Victor Cabrera
Vadim Pinskiy
Matthew Putman

Congratulations to all the authors!