2023 Keynote, Andrei Alexandrescu: Robots Are after Your Job (or at Least the Boring Parts of It): Exploring Generative AI for C++

We are pleased to announce that Andrei Alexandrescu, one of the most popular presenters to ever appear at CppCon, will be appearing in person, in Aurora as a CppCon 2023 keynote presenter.

From his talk description:

Robots Are After Your Job (or at Least the Boring Parts of It): Exploring Generative AI for C++

Almost a year since the launch of ChatGPT – considered by many as the first truly compelling code generator that translates free-form human language into code – the C++ community continues to grapple with the implications. Reactions range from indifference or skepticism to genuine concern about the future of human programmers.

Meeting in person

Although some advanced C++ techniques are already accessible to tools like ChatGPT, certain fundamental aspects remain outside the reach of current and possibly next-generation generative AI tools. This disparity raises pivotal questions: Which parts of the intricate C++ ecosystem can we confidently delegate to generative AI? What uniquely human skills must we retain and refine?

This talk delves into the capabilities and constraints of today’s AI-driven tools, mapping out the frontier of their applicability. It’s a glimpse into a future where human developers might become the “one percenters,” focusing solely on the most intellectually stimulating and high-level programming challenges, leaving the mundane to AI. Join us to explore this thought-provoking landscape and reflect on what it means for your own work in and with C++.

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