CppCon 2023 program schedule is almost ready!

We’re sorry that posting the 2023 program schedule has taken two weeks longer than our original timeline, but it’s for positive reasons…

This year, we received the second-highest number of talk submissions ever, second only to 2019 pre-pandemic. Thank you to all the speakers for your support!

Sadly, we had to reject the most and highest-quality submissions ever because we have fewer physical meeting rooms available than in 2019. Together with the first point, this means that the set of talks we had to reject was the highest-quality “reject list” ever in CppCon’s history. Rejecting great talks we want to have is not a fun thing for anyone, and we appreciate all the speakers who didn’t make it in this year even though they submitted very, very strong talks we really wanted to have. Even if next year’s CppCon 2024 were made up of just the top talks held over from not fitting into our program space this year, next year would be one of our strongest programs ever; the talks that didn’t fit this year were that good, and were edged out only because the ones that did fit were so amazing.

The program committee generated the highest number of talk submission reviews ever. This year, 97 people actively served on the program committee, and generated more reviews than any year in CppCon’s history. We really appreciate their thoughtful evaluations of all the submitted talk proposals. Thank you to all the program committee members for your hard work this summer!

We have the highest number of chaired tracks ever. The chaired topical tracks this year are: Back to Basics; Embedded Systems; Scientific Computing; Robotics; Software Design; and Tooling. Thank you to all the chairs for stepping up to organize these topics on our 2023 program!

So there’s been more work than usual, but we are really excited about the CppCon 2023 program that will be posted in just a few days. We think it’s CppCon’s strongest program ever. And in addition to the program sessions, we’ve also started to announce this year’s highly-topical keynotes including Bjarne Stroustrup on “Delivering Safe C++” and Andrei Alexandrescu on “Exploring Generative AI for C++,” with three more headline talks still to be announced.

We look forward to seeing many of you there in person in early October! If you haven’t registered already, you can register here.