CppCon 2023 Video Announcements

Stroustrup Keynote CppCon 2023

Publishing CppCon 2023 Videos

Starting today, with Bjarne Stroustrup’s Opening Keynote, we will begin publishing CppCon 2023 videos.

(Almost*) all of the CppCon 2023 videos are edited and uploaded to the CppCon YouTube channel. Starting with full length videos and continuing with lightning talks, we’ll publish one video per business day until sometime in May, when they will all be freely available to the public.


CppCon YouTube ChannelDo you want to see the CppCon 2023 Main Program videos now?

If you are eager to have access to all of the content as soon as possible, even the videos that we’ve not yet published to our YouTube Channel, we are making that possible with our Early Video Access option.

This option allows you to view all of the 2023 videos before they are published to YouTube. Since (almost*) all the video are edited and uploaded, this is your chance to see (almost*) all of the CppCon 2023 video content right now.

* Lightning Talks and two or three full length sessions are still getting some last-minute updates.


New Video Archive Portal

The Early Video Access option leverages our new Video Archive portal.

We are introducing this new portal as an alternative way to view our YouTube Channel content with better searching options. The portal currently has content since CppCon 2020, but will be built out further with content from 2023 and previous years. In addition to finding CppCon 2023 content here as soon as it is published to our YouTube Channel, all of the CppCon 2023 plenary videos are available now.

A link to the CppCon Video Archive portal is in the “program” menu. Try it out now!

We believe that over time viewers will find this a better way to find and view C++ videos and we’ll continue to add content and features.

CppCon Video Archive Portal