CppCon 2023 Call for Submissions – Software Design Track

Building software is much more than just writing lines of code. Amongst other, it also entails the management of interactions, the reduction of coupling and dependencies between software entities and the creation of good and meaningful abstractions. These are the aspects focused on in the CppCon Software Design Track.

Since software design can play a much more central role for the success of a project than the low-level implementations could ever do, CppCon also desires to cover this aspect of software engineering. Therefore you are strongly encouraged to submit talks for the Software Design Track.

Topics may include:

  • Design for change, scalability, extension, and testability.
  • Design techniques for all paradigms.
  • Both static and dynamic polymorphism.
  • Design and architectural patterns.
  • Good and bad experiences from real world projects (that is, war stories).
  • Advice on how to manage big projects via proper software organization.

Klaus Iglberger and Mike Shah, Ph.D.

Software Design Track co-chairs