CppCon 2023 Call for Submissions – Robotics Track

The Robotics Track at CppCon unites passionate professionals from the robotics industry and the broader C++ community to create a space for networking, collaboration, and growth in this dynamic field.

By attending talks in this track, you’ll join a community committed to exploring innovative solutions, empowering meaningful connections, and fostering growth in the exciting world of robotics. Together, we can bring the power of C++ to tackle complex challenges and shape the future of robotics technology.

We invite submissions that showcase the synergy between robotics and C++ concepts. Examples include:

  • Utilizing design pattern X to enable feature Y in a robotics project.
  • Comparing the impact of functional programming style vs. object-oriented style on a use case.
  • How leveraging C++17/20 features can optimize performance or safety in robotics systems.

Topics of interest include:

  • Simulation
  • Planning
  • Machine learning
  • State estimation
  • Controls
  • Foreign function interfaces
  • API design
  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Tooling
  • Infrastructure
  • Dependency management

Remember to indicate your interest in the Robotics Track in the Comments Section of the submission form. The submission process can be found here.

Griswald Brooks

Robotics Track chair