Instructor Interview: Andreas Fertig / When Efficiency Matters

In this instructor interview, Kevin Carpenter welcomes Andreas Fertig for a discussion of his CppCon Academy class, Modern C++: When Efficiency Matters. This is Andreas’ first time at CppCon.

Andreas and Kevin discuss what attendees will get out of his class and mention that Andreas’ lambda expression talk at Code Dive may give people a taste of what his class will be like.

Of course, they discuss Andreas’ delightful C++ Insights which he uses, along with Matt Godbolt’s Compiler Explore, in the class to help attendees visualize what the compiler is doing with their code.

In addition to his class, Andreas is also going to be presenting the two-part Back to Basics: Templates during the Main Program. He relates that when he teaches classes on modern C++, he frequently hears the comment from students that, although this wasn’t the point of the class, it made them believe in templates in way they’d not perviously. He will be sharing some of that material with attendees in the Back to Basics Track.