CppCon 2020 Keynote: Neighborhoods Banding Together by Lisa Lippincott

Keynote Speaker: Lisa Lippincott

Lisa LippincottLisa Lippincott designed the software architectures of Tanium and BigFix, two systems for managing large fleets of computers. She is chair of the numerics study group of the C++ standardization committee.

This talk builds upon the discussion of local reasoning in last year’s talk The Truth of a Procedure, but is intended to be understandable independently.

From her talk’s description:

In this talk, I will take local reasoning for granted, and look at the process of joining neighborhoods of local reasoning together, and the global reasoning that ensures they form a coherent whole. I will show how we can prevent incoherent joining, and prevent the emergence of unbounded non-local recursion as the program is linked together.