CppCon Winter 2022-2023 Code of Conduct Transparency Report

In late December 2022 and January 2023, the CppCon Code of Conduct (CoC) team and the Standard C++ Foundation board learned of serious allegations against a member of the CppCon organization. The CoC team and Foundation take all allegations seriously and prioritize the physical and psychological safety of our attendees. The accused person agreed to voluntarily recuse themselves from CppCon matters pending investigation. Because the members of the CoC team and of the Foundation board all have personal or professional relationships with the accused, they recused themselves from participating in an investigation into the allegations. CppCon hired an independent attorney investigator with over 26 years’ experience to perform an impartial and thorough investigation of the allegations, with no constraints on whom to interview or directions to pursue. That investigation took three months and produced a 62-page report which concluded that “a preponderance of the evidence did not support the allegations against [the accused].” Because the report gave no basis to continue to restrict or take action against the accused, the CoC team members and the Foundation board members unanimously agreed that the accused should have all restrictions removed.

The CoC team and Foundation will consider sharing additional details regarding this matter confidentially with other conference and organization Code of Conduct teams on a case by case basis as needs may arise. Such teams can request additional information by contacting admin@isocpp.org.