Daniela Engert live in person at CppCon 2022

Daniela Engert will be in Aurora, live in person to deliver a keynote that takes us on a journey through modern C++.

Daniela has been building computers and creating software for over forty years, with thirty years in the field of applied digital signal processing. Her recent focus has been on modules and helping developers best understand them and their application in C++20. Here is her talk description:

Contemporary C++ in Action

This talk is different from typical conference presentations. Instead of focussing on one particular topic I want to take you with me on a journey where I put various pieces from the C++ landscape together into a small application and show how they fit together beautifully. My goal is to debunk the myth that the committee is looking to please experts and library developers instead of making life easier for the many developers in the trenches. This is not slideware, at the end of our tour the code will compile and run with some entertaining result.

On this journey, I will be visiting modules (using modularized popular libraries and others that constitute the app), do some network programming with coroutines (based on ASIO executors, as there are no C++ standard executors yet), slip in one or two of the flagship C++23 features, like explicit object parameters or some of the new library stuff, and season the stew with items from recent C++ standards. It’s a tiny application using techniques that an average programmer in the embedded or industrial world (like me) might find useful. The code I’ll show also contains very tiny fragments of condensed or simplified sources in active development taken from our in-house codebase – old and trusted, but thrust into the modern age.

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