Instructor Interview: Klaus Iglberger / Modern C++ Design Patterns

In this instructor interview, Kevin Carpenter welcomes Dr. Klaus Iglberger for a discussion of his CppCon Academy class, Modern C++ Design Patterns, which will be onsite in Aurora, Colorado.

Klaus is an international C++ trainer, initiator and lead designer of the Blaze C++ math library, the organizer of the Munich C++ user group, and creator and co-chair our own Software Design Track.

Klaus and Kevin discuss how this class has evolved in the years since Kevin attended it. The class has been updated to cover new C++20 features, but the emphasis is on structure and dependencies rather than features.

Klaus also announces his new book book which can be used as a reference for this class.

In addition to this class, Klaus will be doing two Main Program sessions: Breaking Dependencies: The Visitor Design Pattern in the Software Design Track and Back to Basics: Value Semantics in the Back to Basics Track.

You can still register for this class and for CppCon.