Instructor Interview: Mateusz Pusz / C++ Concepts

In this week’s instructor interview, Kevin Carpenter welcomes Mat Pusz for a discussion of his CppCon Academy class, C++ Concepts: Constraining C++ Templates in C++20 and Before. Mat quickly demonstrates the power and importance of constraining types when calling functions. His class will cover how to do this with the new concepts feature in C++20 and also how to do it if you are not yet using C++20.

In addition to his class, Mat is also going to be presenting A Physical Units Library For C++ during the Main Program. He will be discussing his library and the progress that the Standards committee has made toward including it in an upcoming standard.

Mat and Kevin also discuss the challenges and opportunities of online training. Mat discusses some of the techniques he has developed and the hardware and software tools that he uses.

Watch this space for more interviews with Kevin and CppCon presenters.