CppCon 2024 Call for Poster Submissions

Are you doing something cool with C++? Got a great new library, technique, or tool?

We want you to share it with the C++ community by creating a poster and presenting it at CppCon 2024!  The poster program is returning this year to the conference.

The poster submissions deadline is July 28th, with decisions sent by August 12th. For topic ideas, submission instructions, and advice on making the best possible submission, see the Poster Submissions page.


CppCon 2024 Attendance Support Ticket program

Again this year, CppCon is running an Attendance Support Ticket program. These free tickets are for people who would not be able to attend otherwise. This program is limited to conference tickets and doesn’t include support for transportation or lodging. This is an open program, but reasons to apply may include financial assistance, that you are part of an underrepresented group in tech, and others.

In order to apply for this program, please fill in the application form here. The application deadline is June 27, 2024. Decisions will be sent by July 1.

We look forward to seeing many of you again this year at CppCon 2024!

CppCon 2024 – Call for Volunteers

Volunteer at CppCon 2024!

Are you passionate about C++ and looking to dive deeper into the community? Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a student, or just passionate about technology, we welcome you to join us in bringing this dynamic C++ conference to life. This is your chance to experience the conference without the cost of registration.

What Does Volunteering Involve?
Volunteers play a crucial role in a variety of tasks. Some examples:

  • Assembling registration packets and badges
  • Assisting with speaker and attendee registration
  • Helping with audio/visual needs
  • Making session announcements
  • Managing information desks
  • Helping attendees with questions
  • And more!

Why Volunteer?
Volunteering at CppCon is a unique opportunity to:

  • Attend talks and sessions at no cost
  • Meet and interact with speakers and attendees
  • Gain a new perspective on how tech conferences operate
  • Contribute meaningfully to the C++ community

Whether you are attending a conference for the first time or are a seasoned attendee, volunteering offers a fresh and rewarding experience. You’ll have ample time to attend sessions, with at least half your volunteering time spent in them.

We appreciate it if you are able to join us for several days, but even if you can only make it for a single day, there are opportunities for you. Volunteers available on the weekend prior to the conference can also assist with important preparatory tasks.

International Volunteers:
For those coming from outside the US, be sure to check our Visa Application Support page to ensure you have all the necessary information.

Volunteer Grants:
This year, we have a limited number of grants available to cover a portion of the traveling and/or lodging expenses for individuals who would otherwise not be able to attend. Apply for financial assistance by filling out the relevant sections of the application form below before July 26th.

Ready to be part of something big? Complete the Volunteer Registration Form by August 16th.

Visit CppCon Volunteers to learn more or contact us directly at volunteer.chair@cppcon.org.

We look forward to having you join our volunteer team and contribute to an amazing CppCon 2024! 🌟

CppCon 2024 Call for Submissions – Embedded Track

The call for submissions for the Embedded Track at CppCon 2024 is now open! Check out the submissions page so you don’t miss your chance to share your team’s latest successes and discoveries in embedded software development!

CppCon’s Embedded Track is a meeting place where programmers specializing in embedded systems can come together with the larger C++ community to learn from each other.

Embedded systems is an increasingly broad area of computing, covering handheld devices, safety-critical systems like autonomous cars, and highly-specialized systems like satellites, not to mention the hardware devices used to build other computing systems. Possible topics include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Working with real-time operating systems
  • Device drivers
  • Hardware simulation
  • Safety-critical systems
  • Techniques for improving execution time
  • Techniques for minimizing overhead
  • Unique security concerns (e.g., securing mobile devices)
  • C/C++ libraries focused on resource-constrained systems
  • Case studies and post-mortems on embedded systems

Submission deadline is May 19, 2024. Please remember to note that your submission is targeting the Embedded Track in the Comments section of the submission form.

Ben Saks

Embedded Track chair

CppCon 2024 Call for Submissions – Robotics Track

The Robotics Track at CppCon brings together practitioners of the multidisciplinary field to share their knowledge and experience with using C++ to build robots.

By attending this track, you’ll have an opportunity to join a community of like-minded individuals from robotics, controls, autonomous driving, AI, and Machine Learning who use C++ to drive developments in their fields.Collaborative robots

We invite submissions that showcase the use of C++ in a robotics context. Examples from last year include:

  • compile-time techniques for implementing kinematic chains
  • improving path planning performance through data structure optimization
  • exploring the implementation of a popular behavior tree library used in robotics

More examples can be seen from this playlist of last year’s track

This track is unlike academic conferences which typically require submission of an open source package or published work and is oriented towards practitioners sharing useful techniques, best practices, or interesting explorations of the language that powers everyday robots. Join us!

Remember to indicate your interest in the Robotics Track in the Comments Section of the submission form. The submission process can be found here.

Griswald Brooks and Tyler Weaver

Robotics Track co-chairs

CppCon 2024 Call for Submissions – Game Development Track

This year, CppCon is launching a new track dedicated to GameDev. I am delighted to be chairing and I would be even more delighted to hear from anyone with stories to tell of their time in GameDev and the tricks and techniques they came across.

GameDev is an unusual domain: like finance, low latency and performance are key features, although unlike finance, the costs of engineering failures are not life-changing (in general).

I have seen things you wouldn’t believe. Memory leaking at 15Kb a second during a retail build, the engineers relying on users being quick enough to finish a level. Unencrypted text in binaries. Engineers fighting in a car park over a 2Kb buffer, released from the memory budget through the cutting of a feature. Maybe you have seen some things we would like to know about, and maybe you’ve learned some things that we really should know about.

I want to see your C++ based proposals on:

  • Patterns in game development
  • Building engines
  • Build systems
  • Profiling and optimizing
  • Accommodating hardware constraints
  • Interacting with the C++ Standard
  • Debugging interactive programs
  • GPU programming
  • Case studies and post mortems
  • Oh yes, and AI

In fact, anything relevant to our domain. We have a history of secrecy and silence: now is the time to come blinking into the light. Advocate for change! Make your voice heard in the wider community!

Please contact the GameDev Track Chair, Guy Davidson, if you have any questions or suggestions.

CppCon 2024 Call for Submissions – Software Design Track

Building software entails more than writing lines of code. Software development entails: managing dependencies in code, reducing coupling, creating the appropriate abstractions in respective domains, and meeting soft and hard requirements. These are several of the many aspects focused on in the CppCon Software Design Track—and we want to hear from you!

This year CppCon again is providing a dedicated track covering the many aspects of software design and development. You are strongly encouraged to submit talks for the Software Design Track and share your wisdom and experience.

Topics may include:

  • Design for change, scalability, extension, and testability.
  • Design techniques for all paradigms.
  • Both static and dynamic polymorphism.
  • Design and architectural patterns.
  • Both Good and bad experiences from real world projects (that is, ‘software stories’ and ‘case studies’).
  • Advice on how to manage big projects via proper software organization.
  • Managing time and technical talent.

Mike Shah and Klaus Iglberger
Software Design Track co-chairs

CppCon 2024 Call for Submissions – Scientific Computing Track

The call for submission for the Scientific Computing Track at CppCon 2024 is now open!

Recent additions to the C++ standard library, such as mdspan or the basic linear algebra algorithms, have significantly enhanced C++’s capabilities for scientific computing. The Scientific Computing track aims to showcase these advancements and foster the exchange of knowledge between C++ scientific programmers and the general C++ community.

We invite submissions on a broad range of topics, including:

  • High-performance computing techniques
  • Numerical methods and algorithms
  • Machine learning
  • Data visualization and analysis
  • Domain-specific libraries and frameworks
  • Physical quantities and units

We welcome submissions from both seasoned researchers and those new to the CppCon stage. If your work pushes the boundaries of scientific computing with modern C++, share your knowledge and inspire others!

Submissions should be made through the CppCon website. Please remember to indicate your interest in being included in the Scientific Computing in the Comments section of the submission form. The deadline is May 19, 2024.

Damien Lebrun-Grandie and Matthias Kretz
Scientific Computing Track co-chairs

CppCon 2024 Registration is Open

Registration is now open for CppCon 2024, an all-in-person conference being held at the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora, Colorado. A separate registration for CppCon Academy 2024 is also open. (We’ll have some online classes, but conference sessions will be onsite-only, recorded, and posted to the CppCon YouTube channel.)

Registration Desk

Maximize your conference experience with the comfort and convenience of staying onsite at the official CppCon hotel.

With your stay at the Gaylord Rockies, receive up to five days of lunch vouchers (one for each night of your stay, up to $30 per lunch) and free high-speed WiFi throughout the conference site. The same high-speed WiFi available in your room is also available throughout the entire conference space.

These benefits are exclusively for attendees staying at the Gaylord Rockies.

Just register for the conference and book a room in your name at the Gaylord Rockies.  See the registration page for details.

Registration details are available on our registration page, but the high points are:

  • Substantial savings are available for Early Bird registrations through June 21st.
  • The conference is onsite, but CppCon Academy will offer both onsite and online classes.
  • We are also offering an Economy registration that doesn’t include the “Meet the Presenters” Banquet, annual tee shirt, CppCache credit, or souvenir that are included in Regular registration.
  • We have a reduced price option available for full-time students.

Visa application support for non-US attendees is available.

As always, we offer support for academics and employees of non-profits and, thanks to the support of the C++ Alliance, child care.

CppCon 2024 – Call for Submissions

CppCon is the annual, week-long (September 15th-20th, 2024) face-to-face gathering for the entire C++ community. The conference Main Program consists of five days of several concurrent tracks of sixty-minute sessions.

This conference is organized by the C++ Community for the C++ Community. We want the whole community to be represented. We especially encourage those who identify as coming from an underrepresented community to apply to present and to be present. Presenting a talk is not limited to previous presenters or previous attendees and first-time speakers are very welcome to submit.

This year’s edition of CppCon will be onsite at the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora, Colorado, USA.

Have you learned something interesting about C++, maybe a new technique possible in C++17/20/23? Or perhaps you have implemented something cool, maybe a new C++ library? Or perhaps have an idea for a future language or library feature that you want to advocate for? If so, consider sharing it with other C++ enthusiasts by giving a Main Program talk at CppCon 2024.

While CppCon is a conference about C++, talks about other programming languages are in scope for CppCon 2024 as long as they are of interest to C++ developers and tied to C++ evolution and are not primarily talks about rewriting entire C++ codebases in something other than C++. For example, a talk on How to migrate your C++ code to Haskell is off-topic and will not be considered, but a talk on What C++ Programmers Can Learn from Swift, or What Rust Procedural Macros Might Look Like in C++, or Results of Hylo/Carbon/Circle Experiments That Could Be Incorporated Into ISO C++ Evolution are on-topic and will be considered.

The submission deadline is May 19th, with decisions sent by June 23st.

To facilitate a double-blind review process, please avoid statements in your title, abstract, and outline that remove all uncertainty about who you are. See examples on the Submissions page.

We plan to have all of the same tracks as last year (Back to Basics, Software Design, Tooling, Embedded, Robotics, and Scientific Computing). In addition, we are introducing a new GameDev track this year. If you plan to submit to one or more of these tracks, please indicate in your submission which track(s) you’d expect your talk to fit into by ticking the appropriate checkbox. Of course, you are also welcome to submit a talk to the general program that does not fit into any of these tracks. If you have new ideas for tracks or special interest areas to better serve the C++ community, please get in touch with the program committee directly with your thoughts.

For talk topic ideas, possible formats, submission instructions and valuable advice on how to make the best possible submission, see the Submissions page.

Also, if you are an author, our Call for Authors for CppCon 2024 has already been posted here. This is a great opportunity to bring more attention to your book and interact with the C++ community.

Note: Calls for Lightning Talks and Open Content sessions will be made later this summer. The deadline for these is the conference itself.