Back to Basics Track Announced

We are adding a new track to the seven existing tracks that make CppCon the largest C++ conference ever held, every year.

This new track, dubbed the Back to Basics Track, boasts some of today’s top tech trainers. These teachers commit themselves to coming up with classes that make the complicated clear and put the power and performance potential of C++ within the purview of every programmer.

This year the conference received a significantly larger number of session proposals, we’ve moved to a much larger facility, and we set a record for growth in Early Bird registrations, so we felt an increase in content in order.

Attendees want to hear what the standard committee is doing and the conference has always had more than its share of ISO C++ Committee members presenting new library and language features. But attendees also want learn about the tried-and-true and industry best practices.  We set out to create a series of sessions dedicated to:

What every C++ programmer should know about…

We think this is important enough that we are giving this track its own Opening and Closing Keynote addresses by some of our most popular presenters. This year the track features:

Jason Turner The Best Parts of C++ (Opening Keynote)
Klaus Iglberger Back to Basics: Move Semantics (2 parts)
Dan Saks Back to Basics: Const as a Promise
Arthur O’Dwyer Back to Basics: RAII and the Rule of Zero
Rainer Grimm Back to Basics: Atomics, Locks, and Tasks (2 parts)
Jon Kalb Back to Basics: Object-Oriented Programming
Fedor Pikus Back to Basics: Test-Driven Development
Ben Saks Back to Basics: Understanding Value Categories
Dan Saks Back to Basics: Function and Class Templates
Arthur O’Dwyer Back to Basics: Smart Pointers
Inbal Levi Back to Basics: Virtual Dispatch and Its Alternatives
Ben Saks Back to Basics: Exception Handling and Exception Safety
Arthur O’Dwyer Back to Basics: Lambdas from Scratch
Arthur O’Dwyer Back to Basics: Type Erasure
Chandler Carruth & Titus Winters What is C++ (Closing Keynote)
Chandler Carruth Titus Winters


Many thanks to Arthur O’Dwyer, Back to Basic Track Chair.