CppCon to Host ISO Meeting for Game Devs

Last year’s CppCon brought together ISO Standard Committee members and game developers to discuss how standard C++ could evolve to better support C++. This resulted in the formation of Study Group 14: Game Dev and Low Latency at the ISO meeting in Lenexa this spring. The SG14 charter is “improving C++ for Low Latency, real time requirements, and performance/efficiency especially for Games, Financial/Banking, and Simulations.”

Some papers have already been discussed by the Study Group, but the first formal meeting of SG14 will be hosted by CppCon this year on Wednesday, September 23rd. This one-day meeting is open to anyone interested, but requires a separate registration (it isn’t covered by a regular conference registration). A second meeting is already set up on March 14-18 2016 at GDC 2015 hosted by Sony (thank you, Sony). The meeting will be run by Michael Wong, the SG14 chair.

For more information on SG14, the meeting, and how best to register for it, please read Michael’s blog post about it.