Instructor Interview: Phil Nash / Accelerated Test Driven Design

In this week’s instructor interview, Kevin Carpenter welcomes Phil Nash for a discussion of his CppCon Academy class, Accelerated TDD: For More Productive C++ . Phil shares the origin story of Catch, the popular testing framework that he authored to support better testing in C++. Kevin has taken a previous CppCon Academy class on testing with Phil. Phil explains that he focuses less on what TDD is (which can be explained in five minutes using one slide) and more on how to apply and get the benefits of TDD in real-world code bases.

Phil also chairs the C++ on Sea conference, which was held earlier this year as an online event using Remo (the same platform that CppCon 2020 will use). He discusses the challenges of an online event and the rationale behind use of Remo for C++ on Sea.  As Phil is co-chair of this year’s CppCon we will benefit from his prior experience organizing a conference on Remo.

Kevin and Phil also discuss the two Main Program sessions that Phil will be giving this year. One is a must-see for anyone that isn’t taking the TDD class and the other is on C++ paradigms.

Watch this space for more interviews with Kevin and CppCon presenters.