CppCon 2024 Call for Submissions – Game Development Track

This year, CppCon is launching a new track dedicated to GameDev. I am delighted to be chairing and I would be even more delighted to hear from anyone with stories to tell of their time in GameDev and the tricks and techniques they came across.

GameDev is an unusual domain: like finance, low latency and performance are key features, although unlike finance, the costs of engineering failures are not life-changing (in general).

I have seen things you wouldn’t believe. Memory leaking at 15Kb a second during a retail build, the engineers relying on users being quick enough to finish a level. Unencrypted text in binaries. Engineers fighting in a car park over a 2Kb buffer, released from the memory budget through the cutting of a feature. Maybe you have seen some things we would like to know about, and maybe you’ve learned some things that we really should know about.

I want to see your C++ based proposals on:

  • Patterns in game development
  • Building engines
  • Build systems
  • Profiling and optimizing
  • Accommodating hardware constraints
  • Interacting with the C++ Standard
  • Debugging interactive programs
  • GPU programming
  • Case studies and post mortems
  • Oh yes, and AI

In fact, anything relevant to our domain. We have a history of secrecy and silence: now is the time to come blinking into the light. Advocate for change! Make your voice heard in the wider community!

Please contact the GameDev Track Chair, Guy Davidson, if you have any questions or suggestions.