CppCon 2024 Call for Submissions – Robotics Track

The Robotics Track at CppCon brings together practitioners of the multidisciplinary field to share their knowledge and experience with using C++ to build robots.

By attending this track, you’ll have an opportunity to join a community of like-minded individuals from robotics, controls, autonomous driving, AI, and Machine Learning who use C++ to drive developments in their fields.Collaborative robots

We invite submissions that showcase the use of C++ in a robotics context. Examples from last year include:

  • compile-time techniques for implementing kinematic chains
  • improving path planning performance through data structure optimization
  • exploring the implementation of a popular behavior tree library used in robotics

More examples can be seen from this playlist of last year’s track

This track is unlike academic conferences which typically require submission of an open source package or published work and is oriented towards practitioners sharing useful techniques, best practices, or interesting explorations of the language that powers everyday robots. Join us!

Remember to indicate your interest in the Robotics Track in the Comments Section of the submission form. The submission process can be found here.

Griswald Brooks and Tyler Weaver

Robotics Track co-chairs