CppCon 2024 Call for Submissions – Embedded Track

The call for submissions for the Embedded Track at CppCon 2024 is now open! Check out the submissions page so you don’t miss your chance to share your team’s latest successes and discoveries in embedded software development!

CppCon’s Embedded Track is a meeting place where programmers specializing in embedded systems can come together with the larger C++ community to learn from each other.

Embedded systems is an increasingly broad area of computing, covering handheld devices, safety-critical systems like autonomous cars, and highly-specialized systems like satellites, not to mention the hardware devices used to build other computing systems. Possible topics include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Working with real-time operating systems
  • Device drivers
  • Hardware simulation
  • Safety-critical systems
  • Techniques for improving execution time
  • Techniques for minimizing overhead
  • Unique security concerns (e.g., securing mobile devices)
  • C/C++ libraries focused on resource-constrained systems
  • Case studies and post-mortems on embedded systems

Submission deadline is May 19, 2024. Please remember to note that your submission is targeting the Embedded Track in the Comments section of the submission form.

Ben Saks

Embedded Track chair