CppCon 2024 Call for Submissions – Software Design Track

Building software entails more than writing lines of code. Software development entails: managing dependencies in code, reducing coupling, creating the appropriate abstractions in respective domains, and meeting soft and hard requirements. These are several of the many aspects focused on in the CppCon Software Design Track—and we want to hear from you!

This year CppCon again is providing a dedicated track covering the many aspects of software design and development. You are strongly encouraged to submit talks for the Software Design Track and share your wisdom and experience.

Topics may include:

  • Design for change, scalability, extension, and testability.
  • Design techniques for all paradigms.
  • Both static and dynamic polymorphism.
  • Design and architectural patterns.
  • Both Good and bad experiences from real world projects (that is, ‘software stories’ and ‘case studies’).
  • Advice on how to manage big projects via proper software organization.
  • Managing time and technical talent.

Mike Shah and Klaus Iglberger
Software Design Track co-chairs