Program Update, Submission Deadline Reminder

We have received a large number of high quality proposals and while we cannot share the details until the Program Committee has put together the program, we can mention some of the topics that will be covered and names of speakers that will be presenting.

We are seeing submissions that range from new Standards Committee proposals for features and libraries to how to write better and more modern C++ code or make the compiler help you do that. Other topics include developing for mobile platforms, writing reliable and exception-safe code, concurrent and lock-free programming, database access and object persistence, continuous delivery integration, as well as various memory models (shared, user mode virtual, and transactional).

To mention a few names, you can expect to hear from: Alan Uthoff, Andrew Stepanchuk, Boris Kolpackov, Brett Hall, Camille Coti, Edouard Alligand, Eric Niebler, Herb Sutter, Jason Turner, Jens Weller, Joel Falcou, John Farrier, Jon Kalb, Kate Gregory, Marshall Clow, Michael Caisse, Michael Wong, Nate Kohl, Robert Ramey, Roland Bock, Pedro Ramalhete, Peter Sommerlad, Scott Meyers, Sridhar Poduri, Stefanus Du Toit, and Steve Heller.

While we already have some great content, we need more, so don’t forget to submit your proposal before the deadline, May 15. You only have one week left! To make the submission process smoother there is also the new, easier to use submission form.