Program Committee Information

This page has the latest information for the CppCon PC.

Program Committee Reviewers’ Guide ==> Please reread every year before reviewing submissions.

New this year

  • Call for Participation to invite more PC members before the submission deadline.
  • A place on the submission form to include a link to a video of presenter in action.
  • New guidance for submitters.

Call for Participation

We are planning a Call for Participation to invite the community to serve on the PC. Our desire is to have a program committee that is large and diverse. I’d like to have at least five and, if possible, more reviews of each submission. Many more if the submission is “on the bubble” of acceptance. But with a few dozen PC members and a couple hundred submissions, this is quite a burden on individual members. I want to substantially grow this committee to increase the number of reviews each submission gets without over burdening members, to have a more diverse membership, and to have better community ownership of the selection process.

If you know of someone that you feel should be on the PC, please ask them to review the Guide and send mail to

Submission Video

We are going to request that submissions include a video of the submitter presenting material. As a reviewer it is not your responsibility to watch the entire video, but it is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the presentation style and skills of the submitter.

It is not a requirement that the video be of an actual presentation. Submitters can just record themselves speaking to the cameral for a few minutes. As reviewers, it is important that we remember that we are evaluating the quality of the presenter and not quality of the recording.

New Guidance

We’d like to address the overall quality of session abstracts. Some are excellent, but many are unworthy of the sessions they describe. We are going to be giving additional guidance to submitters to make their abstracts more compelling. Too many submitters only see the abstract as a message to the PC to get their session approved. This is not the way to look at the abstract. The abstract is the elevator pitch to every attendee answering the questions, What is your session about? and What will I learn?

As a PC member reviewing submissions, please keep in mind both of your tasks. You are evaluating the submission for inclusion in the CppCon regular program, but you are also reviewing the abstract as an a part of the online program. Please call out such issues as spelling and grammar as well as any jargon, acronyms, or other language that is off-putting or exclusive.

Mailing address

Even if your mailing address has not change, please send it again to a couple of weeks before the conference.