Herb Sutter live in person at CppCon 2022

We’re making our first 2022 plenary talk announcement: Herb Sutter will be in Aurora, live in person to deliver a brand-new talk about post-C++20 C++ language evolution. Here is his talk description:

C++ Complexity: The Subtle Culprits (“Simplifying C++” #9 of N)

“What makes C++ so complex, and what can we do about it?” In past talks, Herb has already done deep dives on most of the major causes of C++’s complexity and potential directions for solutions.

In this brand-new talk, we delve into the “long tail” of subtle culprits… many of which turn out to be related by a common theme.

Herb SutterThere are parts of C++ you know well, and may even think are superficial, but that actually have deep roots where dark problems dwell. When is “mere syntax” a superficial topic for water-cooler personal-preference debating fun, and when might we suddenly discover it is actually a profound and terrible problem? How is C++ name lookup related to grammar… and what does that question even mean, when it should be like asking how a sound is blue or how long a kilometer lives? Why does generic code have to be so different from non-generic code, and can you really count all the ways? Even in our polarized society, can’t “prefix” and “postfix” please just coexist in peace… and if not, which “fix” should be fixed? Why does the spiral rule make everyone so dizzy? And, really, how much of all this is C’s fault, anyway?

Join Herb as he walks us through the Upside Down below 21st-century C++… starting with familiar things you know, showing where maybe they’re not so familiar after all, together confronting a contradiction or paradox, and using that moment of cognitive dissonance as a launch point to dive into a not-so-superficial-after-all part of C++… and what we can do about each issue now and in the future.

Registration DeskWe aim to leave time for real-time questions and answers with the live audience. So come to the talk at CppCon 2022, bring your questions, and don’t miss out!

Registration is now open for what will certainly be one of the most memorable CppCons ever this September 11-16. Register today!

Tickets are now available for both online attendees and in-person attendees.