CppCon 2023 Wrap-up and CppCon 2024 Dates!

The above photo is from CppCon 2023 by CppCon’s photographer, Jonathan Phillips. Not only do I want to share this brilliant photo, I also want to announce CppCon 2024 dates, September 15 – 20 2024, save the dates now!

CppCon 2023 just wrapped up and was an amazing conference. For an early preview of what happened, see Bjarne’s keynote, Bret and Bill’s keynote, Laura’s keynote, Herb’s keynote, and Andrei’s keynote.

Videos of all our other Main Program sessions will start to be published on our YouTube channel, one a business day, starting in November. If you want access to CppCon 2023 videos as soon as they are available, then have we got something in store for you! Check out our new Early Video Access option.

Trip Reports

I’ll update this post as more trip reports are published. If you’d like your trip report to be included, please send it.


A conference the size of CppCon doesn’t just happen. There are a lot of heroes that work hard to make this happen. You’ll find many of their names on our staff page which lists the organizers, program committee, volunteers, and vendors.

You’d find more names (and faces) on the presenters page for this year’s conference which lists presenters from the Main Program, panels, Open Content sessions, and lightning talks.

As much as all of these people work hard so that we are providing the best that we can in technical content, food, production values, live music, comfortable ambiance, and supportive environment, none of those is the most important part of CppCon.

Returning attendees know that the most important part of CppCon is the opportunity to engage with the attendees (including the presenters), who are tackling some of our most challenging problems, with creative and innovative techniques, using powerful tools provided by C++ and the C++ community.

CppCon 2023 Attendees

Over 700 People Passionate About C++ and Excited to be at CppCon

Above, you’ll see the faces of the most important part of CppCon, the attendees. (I’ve not matched faces to the registration list to verify that no one is missing, but I think most of us are in the photo.)

This year, more than any other, you are all my heroes.

I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Jon Kalb
Conference Chair