CppCon 2024 Call for Submissions – Tooling Track

The CppCon Tooling Track is open for submissions!

Because C++ includes much more than the language itself, CppCon is excited to offer a Tooling Track at CppCon 2024! The Tooling Track is an explicit place to make room for talks about C++ tools and the C++ ecosystem.

Why give tooling talks? The C++ community wants and needs them! Users want to hear the best and latest about a wide range of tooling-related topics, including:

  • Managing dependencies
  • Improving build times
  • Debugging their projects
  • Enhancing their continuous integration enrollments
  • Configuring their build systems
  • Mastering their IDEs and editors
  • Interoperation with other languages
  • Understanding their compilation toolchains

What should the talks be about? More or less, if it’s a talk for C++ engineers but not about software theory or the C++ language itself, it’s probably a talk about the C++ ecosystem, and therefore is welcome in the CppCon Tooling Track.

Who should submit? You! Previous talks from the perspectives of thoughtful users have been very well-reviewed and accepted in the past.

Of course, the Tooling Track is a place for industry experts and maintainers of widely adopted C++ tools as well. It is an excellent way for C++ tool vendors and advocates to raise awareness for the projects they are excited to share. CppCon is a great opportunity to get out from behind the ticket trackers and meet face-to-face with current and potential end users!

If you would like to submit a talk to the CppCon 2024 Tooling Track, follow the instructions at the wider CppCon 2024 Call for Submissions and be sure to mark Tooling as a target track.

If you would like to know more about the CppCon talk submission process or if you would like helpful tips for submitters, see the Main Program Submissions page. Also feel free to email tooling_track@cppcon.org or submission-advice@cppcon.org with any questions or concerns you may have.

If you are interested in helping organize the CppCon Tooling Track, please contact tooling_track@cppcon.org.