2018 Poster Program

Please see the 2019 Call for Posters submissions.

We’re very excited to announce the following sixteen entries have been selected for this year’s Poster Session:

Poster Title Author(s)
Memory Tagging and how it improves C++ memory safety Kostya Serebryany
A C++ tasking framework with compile-time dispatching and type-driven priority scheduling for HPC David Haensel
Clang Power Tools (for Visual Studio) Gabriel Diaconita
Improving Productivity Developing in Platform with C API Using C++ – Case Study Tizen Native App Development Alexius Alvin
Gilang Hamidy
CodeCompass: An Open Software Comprehension Framework Zoltan Porkolab
Feedback on pratical use of c++17 std::filesystem::recursive_directory_iterator Noël Tchidjo Moyo
Fighting Non-determinism in C++ Compilers Mandeep Singh Grang
FUNKY POOLS Norman Birkett
Cpp-Taskflow: Fast Parallel Programming with Task Dependency Graphs Chun Xun Lin
Tsung-Wei Huang
Martin D. F. Wong
Hot Reloading & Quick-Build System Mohit Saini
CodeChecker: A static analysis infrastructure built on the LLVM/Clang Static Analyzer tool chain Gábor Horváth
György Orbán
Tibor Brunner
Fizz, a C++14 implementation of TLS 1.3 Subodh Iyengar
Kyle Nekritz
Modernizing HPC Software with C++11 Ivo Kabadshow
From machine code to bitcode; the life of an instruction in Remill
Modelling machine code instruction semantics in C++ using Remill
Peter Goodman
The C++ Lands, its amazing creatures and weird beasts Elena Sagalaeva
Efficiently and Comprehensively Reproducing C++ Bug Reports with Sciunit Zhihao Yuan
Tanu Malik

Congratulations to all the authors!