Selfie Hunt

48 photos of the Gaylord Rockies by CppCon photographer Jodi Fredricksen, Pixel 5280

Selfie Hunt

The goal of Selfie Hunt is to not spend “travel-day” (Sunday) cooped up in your hotel room, but to get out and meet other attendees.

If you start out selfie hunting, but you run into some other attendees and forget about selfie hunting and end up arguing about epochs or East const, then we’ve done our job.


The forty-eight photos in the “slider” above are all taken at the Gaylord Rockies. It is your job to find the photo subject and take a selfie with the subject behind you to prove you found it. These photos are all in public areas, you don’t need to go into any restrooms or even on any guest room floors to find these subjects. (Everyone is welcome to participate, even if you are not a guest of the hotel.)

Selfie Hunting is for travel-day amusement and learning about our new home, so we don’t want you to continue doing this after sessions have started. But we can’t set the deadline at Sunday night or Monday morning because our volunteers will be very busy with registration. So the deadline is the end of lunch (14:00) on Monday. (Please don’t submit your results before the beginning of lunch at 12:00.)


Prizes!? You want prizes? We went the trouble setting this up for your amusement and education about the hotel. You should be giving us prizes. Okay. How’s this (and remember, it is about the fun of exploring, not the value of the prizes, right)?

Bring your cell phone to the Retail Store on Monday at lunch (12:00 to 14:00) and show off all the selfies you took of our featured subjects.

If you selfied yourself with this many of our featured subjects:Then this is what you get:
1 to 19, hey, you tried (and it was fun!):Your choice of whatever stickers are left over from last year, plus you are entered into a drawing for the grand prize.
20 to 39, good job!A voucher for the retail store of an admittedly rather small amount (which we haven’t decided on yet), plus you are entered into a drawing for the grand prize.
40 to 47, a little competitive, are we?A voucher for the retail store of a not much bigger amount, plus you are entered into a drawing for the grand prize.
48 and not at all obsessive-compulsive:You are going to be disappointed at the size of the voucher after that much work, but, hey, you are entered into a drawing for the grand prize.


So what is the grand prize? We haven’t decided yet, but since there is only one of them, that one might be kind of nice.

If you have any questions, you can ask in the CppCon Slack workspace, but don’t expect a quick answer ’cause we are just making it up as we go along.

Have fun and we’ll see you soon!