CppCon 2020 Follow-Up Q&A Sessions

Follow-Up Q&A sessions are only for CppCon 2020 registered attendees.

We are inviting a set of CppCon 2020 Main Program presenters to return to a Remo room to screen the recording of their session with any CppCon 2020 attendees that want to join us. (Please use the same venue URL you used to attend conference sessions.)

Presenters will participate in General Chat during the playback. After the playback has ended, the presenters will comment on any updates or remarks they’d like to add and then take Q&A from attendees in the Remo room.

Here is the tentative schedule:

Date Aurora
Presenter Session Video
2020-10-06 Tuesday 11:00 Peter Muldoon Retiring the Singleton Pattern: Concrete Suggestions for What to use Instead link
2020-10-08 Thursday 11:00 Marian Luparu, Sy Brandon A New Decade of Visual Studio: C++20, Open STL, and More link
2020-10-12 Monday 09:00 Borislav Stanimirov No Touchy! A Case Study of Software Architecture with Immutable Objects link
2020-10-14 Wednesday 11:00 Emery Berger Performance Matters link
2020-10-16 Friday 11:00 Inbal Levi Exceptions Under the Spotlight link
2020-10-20 Tuesday 13:00 Jody Hagins Template Metaprogramming: Type Traits part 1, part 2
2020-10-22 Thursday 11:00 Arthur O’Dwyer Back to Basics: Concurrency link
2020-10-26 Monday 11:00 Zach Laine Making Iterators, Views and Containers Easier to Write with Boost.STLInterfaces link
2020-10-28 Wednesday 09:00 Mark Hoemmen Design Patterns for Handling and Reporting Errors in C++ Programs Using Parallel Algorithms and Executors link
2020-10-30 Friday 11:00 Ben Deane Constructing Generic Algorithms: Principles and Practice link
Note: End of Daylight Saving Time in US on November 1st
2020-11-02 Monday 11:00 Andreas Fertig Back to Basics: Templates part 1, part 2
2020-11-05 Thursday 11:00 Mateusz Pusz A Physical Units Library For the Next C++ link
2020-11-09 Monday 11:00 Marc Gregoire C++20 String Formatting Library: An Overview and Use with Custom Types link

Follow-Up Q&A sessions are not recorded.

If you have any questions, please use the #help_desk channel in the CppCon Slack workspace or send them to our email help desk.