Poster Submissions

Introduction and Call for Posters

CppCon is pleased to announce its first Poster Session, with the objective to foster conversation around the multitude of exciting projects, approaches, design patterns, and integrations that the C++ community is engaged in.

The purpose is to get the conversation going!

We invite poster submissions that report on measurable work (e.g. implementation, benchmarking, technical analysis, etc) done by the presenting team. The work must have technical contribution with a strong C++ focus. Examples of such contributions include:

  • Report/demo of a C++ library written by the presenters, and the problems it addresses.
  • A comparative survey on C++ tools (e.g. profilers/testing tools).
  • A new approach or design pattern to known use cases.

For suggestions on topics, please refer to the talk Submission Page.

We are happy to accept high quality work in progress and late breaking work.

We welcome CppCon session speakers to submit a poster to supplement their talk, or to give their talk greater visibility. The poster and talk title must be the same.


Submit an abstract no longer than three pages, containing the following sections:

  • Introduction (required): Title and brief overview of what the poster reports on.
  • Relevance (required): Why the work is interesting, and what problems it addresses.
  • Discussion (required): Technical description of the presented topic.
  • Completion status (required): Work that has been completed, and work that is expected to be completed before the poster presentation at CppCon.
  • Supporting Material: If applicable, results and references to work, for example, GitHub.

Poster presenter(s) must also submit a brief bio of the presenter(s).

Please send submissions to with the subject “Poster: [submitter(s) last name(s)]”.

We have now added an early submission deadline for CppCon Posters session. The early deadline is July 5. Acceptance notifications for posters submitted by the early deadline will be sent out by July 17.

Important Dates

Early submission deadline: 2016-07-05
Early notification deadline: 2016-07-17

Submission deadline: 2016-07-17
Notification deadline: 2016-08-08

Poster Presentation

Posters will be presented to CppCon attendees during the reception, held on September 18, 2016. At least one presenter per poster is expected to be on site before and during the reception to set up and present the poster. For greater visibility, presenters may optionally post additional times at which they will be available next to their poster.

Posters will officially be presented to a jury during the conference week. Details to be announced.

Poster Format


We recommend abiding by the guidelines for standard poster sizes, specified here . It is up to the presenting team which standard size they wish to opt for.


A successful poster will have the following components:

  • Names and contact information for the author(s).
  • A clear and concise title.
  • An abstract/summary, outlining what the poster addresses.
  • Technical description of the presented topic.
  • Results and/or conclusions of the completed work, if applicable.
  • Links to results, code samples, github repos, urls that provide more information, when applicable. We strongly suggest using QR codes to embed and display links.

You may find resources such as this helpful in creating your poster. Ultimately, be creative and expressive, and have fun.


To encourage high-quality submissions, CppCon will host a poster competition with awards. Details to be announced at a later date.

Accepted poster presenters are eligible for lodging assistance. For information please contact


Please direct your questions to