CppCon 2021 Code of Conduct Transparency Report

The following summary is intended to help the community understand what kind of Code of Conduct (CoC) incidents we received reports about in the year since previous conference, and how the CppCon organizers responded.

Note: This year we also handled an issue concerning a past serious crime that happened outside CppCon. See the transparency report published separately regarding this incident, which also announced that the board developed and published a set of priorities we will follow for such situations in the future, Ensuring a Safe and Welcoming Learning Environment at CppCon.”


Again at CppCon 2021, staff and volunteers participated in CoC training prior to the conference.

At CppCon 2021, we received four reports of potential CoC violations, which were resolved during the conference. Another report was received after the conference ended, and was addressed within a few days of receipt.

Before CppCon 2021, CppCon organizers were notified of past misconduct outside CppCon by a CppCon organizer. This matter was addressed by restrictions imposed before the conference, and additional restrictions imposed for future conferences; see above.

Summary of reported incidents at CppCon

At CppCon 2021:

  • In two online sessions’ chats, an attendee anonymously posted provocative and unfriendly commentary. They were warned to use their full name, and to keep comments professional. Attendees were reminded before the start of the following day to show their full name on Zoom and Discord, otherwise access will be removed for the rest of the event. — For CppCon 2022, attendees will be reminded at registration time that they are expected to use their real names.
  • In an online session’s chat, an attendee typed a comment that appeared to be criticizing the session’s speaker. After reviewing the context, the team decided the comment was responding to a prior humorous chat comment, not the speaker. The team reassured the reporter with an explanation of the message. The reporter was reassured.
  • A speaker made a joke referring to Nazis. The speaker was notified that it made an audience member uncomfortable and was asked to take this into account in the future. — Upon post-conference review, the reference did not appear to be offensive/disrespectful. For CppCon 2022 the CoC will clarify that the CoC is not intended to try to control how people of diverse backgrounds express themselves unless clearly offensive/disrespectful. (Done on 2022-01-04)
  • A conference staff member introduced another staff member to speakers in a belittling manner. The team used this as an educational opportunity to talk to the staff member, who responded positively.
  • An attendee made a comment on another attendee’s appearance, and appeared to comment on different expectations for speakers who are women. They were informed that this is not appropriate. They acknowledged the error and apologized. The team agreed to relay the apology to the impacted person if the impacted person wished to receive it.