Call for Author Participation

Book SIgningCppCon represents an unparalleled opportunity for C++ authors to engage with potential reviewers and readers.

For authors that are able to attend in person, the conference will schedule signing opportunities and panels with other authors. Authors can submit session proposals for the Main Program and/or Open Content sessions.

Book SigningEven for authors that cannot attend in person, the conference is an opportunity for exposure by working with authors to have their hard copy books available for sale at the conference and/or having special attendee discounts for ebook editions.

To register your interest in learning more about author opportunities at CppCon, please fill out the CppCon 2023 Call for Authors form.

Instructor Interview: Anthony Williams / More Concurrent Thinking in C++: Beyond the Basics

Kevin Carpenter interviews Anthony Williams about his extensive experience in concurrent programming in C++ and his upcoming CppCon Academy class, More Concurrent Thinking in C++: Beyond the Basics being taught in person in Aurora, Colorado immediately prior to the conference.

A developer and trainer with over 20 years of experience, Anthony Williams is also the author of C++ Concurrency In Action: Practical Multithreading.  He helped author and coauthor various papers on threading for the C++ Standards Committee that led to the inclusion of threads library in the C++ 11 Standard.

During their discussion Anthony explains where he gained much of his experience and interest in concurrency.  He also talks about where it all started for him with Pthread, working with Boost::Threads and how that lead to the development of his book and extended into his course which has been improved year after year.


You can still register for this class and for CppCon.

Instructor Interview: Patrice Roy / Thinking Small

In this instructor interview, Kevin Carpenter welcomes Patrice Roy.  Together they discuss his CppCon Academy class Thinking Small including some of the cross over from his other class Managing Memory.  Patrice will be teaching this pre-conference class onsite in Aurora, Colorado.

Patrice has been working with C++ for over 30 years.  Part of that time was spent working on military flight simulators and he has been teaching computer science since 1998.  His passion for the language, technology and his teaching ability is why he is sought after by top gaming companies to learn the same techniques he teaches in these classes.

Kevin and Patrice talk about the size from different angles.  Including the starting size of binaries, to the different ways data is represented and the tools built into the language itself that are used reach the class goals.  They also cover the similarities to Patrice’s other class Managing Memory and how someone who was considering that class would still get value from Thinking Small.

You can still register for this class and for CppCon.