Early Video Access Price Reduction and Bundle Offer!

CppCon’s Early Video Access promotion has allowed early subscribers to access all CppCon 2023 videos for almost three months.

We publish one new video every business day (and will continue to do so until this spring when all of our CppCon 2023 content is published), so many of the CppCon 2023 videos are now also freely available on our YouTube channel. Since there are fewer unpublished videos we are reducing the Early Video Access price by 50%!

Rainer GrimmNot only are we reducing the price to $74, we are also partnering with Rainer Grimm in supporting his fundraising for ALS. Rainer Grimm is a long time CppCon attendee, instructor, and speaker who is fundraising for ALS.

We are including his popular Modern C++ Collection bundle, a $70 value (which Rainer is offering to the conference for $35 for ALS fundraising), in all Early Video Access subscriptions!

This offer is retroactive, so if you’ve already purchased the Early Video Access, we will be reaching out to send you your copy of the Modern C++ Collection bundle.

TL;DR: For $74 you are getting:

  • $75 worth of high-quality C++ ebooks
  • Early access to unpublished CppCon 2023 videos
  • An opportunity to support ALS research


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