2015 Program Additions

Most of this fall’s program is already online, but we are still working on it. Today we are announcing three new sessions and a panel.

Herb Sutter will be presenting “Writing Good C++14 By Default.” Herb’s session will build on Bjarne Stroustrup’s keynote of the previous day on “Writing Good C++14.”

Chandler Carruth, C++ Language and Compiler Lead at Google, will be presenting “Tuning C++: Benchmarks, and Compilers, and CPUs! Oh My!

Sumant Tambe will be presenting “Reactive Stream Processing in Industrial IoT using DDS and Rx.cpp,” which includes a live demo of a distributed complex event processing system for Internet of Things.

Our Monday evening panel will be “Grill the Committee,” featuring the opportunity for audience members to question members of the ISO C++ committee. We’ve not yet identified the panel members, but last year’s panel featured a dozen committee members and we’ll have a similar panel this year.