Introduction to C++20 [2022 class archive (-)]

This class has been cancelled.

Introduction to C++20 is a four-day onsite training course with programming examples, taught by Mateusz Pusz.  It is offered at the Gaylord Rockies from 09:00 to 17:00 Aurora time (MDT) on the weekends both before and after the conference, September 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th, 2022 (immediately prior to and following the conference). Lunch is included.

Course Description

C++20 is not just yet another incremental update but a profound change to the C++ language and its standard library. With many essential features added, this C++ version may impact us even more than C++11 did nearly 10 years ago.

The C++ compiler developers are working hard to make their product conforming to the new specification and lots of features are already available to play with. During the training, a particular emphasis will be put on learning and practicing with the most prominent C++20 features like Concepts, Ranges, and Coroutines, but also we will try many other smaller features of the new language.


During the workshop we will work with the latest version of the compiler thanks to the Compiler Explorer, so no special environment preparation is needed.

Course Topics

The class’s content details are available here.

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Course Instructor

Mateusz PuszMateusz Pusz is a software architect, principal engineer, and security champion with more than 15 years of experience in designing, writing and maintaining C++ code for fun and living. C++ consultant, trainer, conference speaker, and evangelist focused on Modern C++. His main areas of interest and expertise are code performance, low latency, stability, and security.

Mateusz worked at Intel for 13 years, and now he is a Principal Software Engineer and the head of the C++ Competency Center at EPAM Systems. He is also a founder of Train IT that provides dedicated C++ training and consultant services to corporations around the world.

Mateusz is a contributor and an active voting member of the ISO C++ Committee (WG21) where, together with the best C++ experts in the world, he shapes the future of the C++ language. He is also a co-chair of WG21 Study Group 14 (SG14) responsible for driving performance and low latency subjects in the Committee. In 2013 Mateusz won “Bench Games 2013” – worldwide competition in the C++ language knowledge.