CppCon 2023: Our Location in the GR Convention Center

Note for returning attendees: This year we are on the Adams (first) level of the convention center, not on the Aurora (second) level, which is where we were last year.

Front Desk: To get to the front desk at the GR, we go through the magic spinning door and head to the right:

Convention Center: From the front desk we continue to the right through the hallway labeled, “↑ Convention Center.”

When we get to the Marketplace (a grab-and-go with both hot and cold food), we jog to the left and continue across the magic land bridge. (Why is it magic? Because on the hotel end this level is “L” (lobby) but on the Convention Center end this level is “2.”)

At the end of the magic land bridge is where returning attendee will expect to see our registration desk. Where you see the horses on the wall, is where we used to be set up for registration, but not this year. The only reason to stop here this year, is if you want to visit the Starbucks on the right (called the Cocoa Bean):

Adams Level: We turn opposite the Starbucks, go down the escalator one floor, and turn right:

On Sunday night, heading for Registration and the Registration Reception, we’ll continue to the right to Juniper Ballroom. Registration will take place outside of Juniper Ballroom. If the weather is bad (unlikely) the reception will be held in the ballroom, but it will most likely be held opposite the ballroom, outdoors on the Juniper Patio:

On Monday morning, Registration will be moved to its final location outside of Cottonwood. In addition to registration this is where you’ll find bag check, the information desk, and CppCache, our conference store for souvenirs. Instead of heading to the right, we’ll turn left and head to our registration desk. What we see in this video is not our registration desk, but it is where ours will be, starting on Monday morning.

Adams Ballroom: If you didn’t register on Sunday evening, then you can register here on Monday morning. From here we’ll head to Adams Ballroom where we’ll have the Opening Keynote session:

After the Opening Keynote Session, we’ll have a break and then head to one of four destinations.

Cottonwood 2-3: Your next session may be back in Adams, or it might be in Cottonwood 2-3, which is on the other side of registration/info desk:

Cottonwood 8-9: Or it might be in Cottonwood 8-9, which is right across the hall:

Maple 3-5: Or it might be in Maple 3-5, which is back down the hallway that we came down.